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Have you ever felt the frustration of trying to translate a signpost, newspaper, or menu on holiday, and feel as if you look foolish flicking through a phrasebook trying to find the answer?

With our visual translater, travelers everywhere never have to suffer such irritation again!
This brilliant application allows you to translate from and into more than 50 different languages, helping to make your trip as easy and stress free as you would have hoped.

Simple take a photo or quickly type the text into the device, and our visual translater will instantly translates into your native language.

What makes this app so unique

  • Our visual translater can :
  • - translate anything you need to, from signposts, to newspaper text, restaurant menus, and much more!
  • - recognizes 53 languages and translates into 71 languages
  • - show user interface in nine languages
  • - use embedded device camera to shoot text for translation
  • - use speech recognition
  • - permit to manually input or correct text with embedded keyboard
  • - share your translations on Twitter and Facebook
  • - send translated text by SMS and email

Why we need your support

  • Speech recognition of text to translate


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Visual Translater

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