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Sushi date app will be a convenient way to meet someone new at an exceptional sushi restaurant nearby. In fact, the best high-end sushi restaurants will be handpicked to enable users try out what type of sushi they have to offer. The sushi date is confirmed as soon as both users have liked and agreed on the time and place.

The primary purpose of the app is to introduce people to the best high-end sushi restaurants in their city and to get people to spend less time snooping each other’s profiles and more time actually going on a date with other people who could potentially become their soul mate or sushi partner.

All date requests must be confirmed within 60 minutes as the app is all about encouraging people to go on dates instantly.

Sushi date app primarily targets singles aged 18 – 35, who love sushi and are seeking a casual dating experience. The platform operates on freemium business model that can generate revenues from sale of virtual items and membership subscription in the future.

What makes this app so unique

  • Sushi date app is not just a dating app; it will also be a discount app for top sushi restaurants where users can join the app, sign up for premium membership to redeem discounts or a buy one get one free offer in all participating restaurants.

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