Nina's New York Adventures - NIna's New York Adventures


What's the story?

Follow Nina the dog on her journey through the tough streets of New York.

This RPG style game allows you to meet new friends, collect bones (Points) use your bones to purchase items in the games store. Buy clothes, treats, additional levels and more! Each level is a different NYC neighborhood. Get Nina through each level safely and advance through to the next level. Dodge taxis, orange traffic cones, steam from sewer grates, and even the occasional pesky neighborhood cat.

How will we make money?

  • Free app for entry game levels
  • In-app purchases of next gaming levels
  • In-app purchases of additional characters and goods

What makes this app so unique

  • An addictive game
  • Exploring the NYC neighborhoods

Why we need your support

  • Design user interface
  • Coding and debugging


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Nina's New York Adventures

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