New Great and Genious App which doesn't exist anywhere else !!!

You will access to the new social network dedicated to writers and fans of Ebooks.

You will be able to read thousands of books and this in several languages :)

What makes this app so unique

  • Never a social network was available before us to help writers keeping in touch or getting in touch with all their fans.
  • Promoting books are very easy and efficient now :)
  • Get paid from your writing, even you're UNKNOWN !!!

Why we need your support

  • In America, only writers who are successful are important, in France all writers are important, in England, none is important, in Australia, you need to explain what's a writer...
  • That's why FantasiaBook exists today... No work will remain unknown to the world and all writers are important to us and will be also for the whole world !!!


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  • Design for Android smartphones and Tablets - € 3.000,00 
  • Coding Social Network & Ebooks reader system - € 2.000,00