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Designing a social networking business app based on the Uber and Airbnb concept. Regular people will share their home cooked meals. Here's how it will work: (My main purpose to reach out to you is to get help developing the app itself)

People all over the world cook food in their houses every day. All they have to do is take a picture of their freshly prepared meal and post it. They can set a reasonable price per portion. Other people who have the app installed will be able to see "what's cooking?" in their neighborhood or wherever they are. They can simply choose a meal accept the charge and pick it up. We will provide the boxes for carryout (with our nice app logo on them) This app can also potentially be a tool to help with hunger as anyone can put their food (at the end of the day - or anytime they choose) in a "donation center" where people can pick up that food for free! the app will simply post a picture on a social networking / app / server / website for everyone to see and buy or pick up charity / donation food.

The seller can also add more value by adding bottled water or other drinks / sodas etc. and charge for that too. I also have plans in the app to show the nutritional content of the food. Whichever kind of food people make there will be a way to also show the exact calories and nutritional information. (Like Lose It! app) I have even more ideas to make the app more productive and practical.

What makes this app so unique

  • Firstly I believe that this specific social networking food sharing idea has not been presented before. It is on the same idea of regular people providing services to regular people. "THIS WILL SAVE FOOD FROM BEING WASTED" and you get paid for it or get it for free

Why we need your support

  • get help with developing the app


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