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Driveby is an app where you register 2 users . 1 user to order food , the other user has the will fetch food and drive it home to the person who ordered the food . Those who drive to retrieve the food will get extra pay of those who order food , they will even write how much extra money they will take to collect the food , and those who order food can HSelect which users they will utilize off. ( Run money , distance and rating ) Both users will be " unrated " and get some kind of character that makes it easier to see which users than can trust and which can not be relied on . It will be a kind of GPS tracker that you can see all users running / ordering food in a 80 miles radius. The payment will be made via paypal. The app will be available for android and iOS.

What makes this app so unique

  • Det er den eneste av sitt slag, der begge brukerene vil tjene på det. Man kan også bestille fast food på lik grense som i vanlige dagligvarer

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