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CosmoKrypto is a Tech savvy digital currency mobile Application that enables one to collect Litecoin, and in which Litecoin is a peer to peer Internet Currency that enables instant, near zero cost payments to anyone in the world.

CosmoKrypto is a digitally sharp looking Mobile App that comes complete with three screens, and in which are the Login screen, the Litecoin Faucet (Dispenser) Screen, and the Settings Screen.

Upon Downloading CosmoKrypto one will submit their Litecoin address into the the depositing to Screen display and press submit. The re-CAPTHA will start the fifteen minute timer into which the coins will be released and sent to the users digital wallets by the owner and designer, and in using the re- CAPTHA it enables fair collection of Litecoins for each user it comes complete with real time cryptocurrency chart for price and trade. The settings screen holds user email and Litecoin digital wallets as well. CosmoKrypto is a very Safe for Everyone, User friendly and of course Pay out in Litecoin.

CosmoKrypto is at the end of the Omega Phase, and is need for funding for the payment of the Completed UX Wire Frames and the Coding process to begin.

It is very important to me for the Development of CosmoKrypto for it will be the first working Litecoin App in the various App Stores and I want to be a part of enabling a sense of Crypto wealth to all users.

What makes this app so unique

  • CosmoKrypto Is truly unique for it will be the first working Litecoin Mobile App to enter into all various App Stores

Why we need your support

  • Paid UX Wire Frames and Coding Process


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  • Paid UX Wire Frames and Coding Process - $ 8.000,00