Health University

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Wants to create apps in:
Health Industry for IOS platform.
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This App will allow trainers, gyms, supplement stores, and PT to advertise their specific skills to cliental that specifically look up what they want. This will allow trainers to market themselves from a simple app for a minimum $10 a month at no cost for to the clientele. Thus, being more appealing for the clientele at no charge and being an app. This app will provide a bio, specialities, testimonials, and map location of the trainer to have an advantage over other trainers.Younger and middle aged people are able to afford healthcare specialists. There are over 300,000+ trainers and growing in the U.S. and 7,000 in LA, there are also thousands of registered dieticians, massage therapists, supplements stores and many other health care specialists in the LA.. • • The problem is there are no apps for health specialist such as R.D, Trainers, and Supplement Stores to develop a platform for themselves to market their skills. • This app will allow trainers to have a technological advantage to market themselves on a platform that is not only widely used, but more efficient for target cliental.

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